The welfare of your child is most important. To keep children safe we will maintain good standards.

We are fully aware that child abuse comes in various forms, emotional, physical, neglect, sexual, each and

everyone has a serious effect on children's welfare and future development.


Your child will not be left unattended with anyone who is not registered, or anyone who has not had DBS Clearance.

We will work closely with parents to ensure a consistent approach is taken in the care of children.

Parents must inform us at drop off of any incidents or accidents that have occurred and any injuries the child has sustained, these will be noted in the accident book and signED by the parent/carers.

We will keep up to date with all child protection training.

We will make sure all records and info are up to date from the Local Safeguarding Children Board.

All children's records will be kept up to date.

If we have any concerns over the welfare of a child we will immediately contact the Local authority.

Unless the safety of a child is at risk we will keep all information confidential.

If we notice any change in a child's behaviour that we think is a sign of abuse we will notify the local authority.

If we suspect bruising, markings, burns, broken bones, to be non-accidental, we will inform local authorities.

If a child informs us of abuse, we will take it very seriously, we will sensitively encourage the child to talk but will not probe or ask leading questions. This will be noted down along with names, times, dates.

We will inform them in age appropriate language of actions we must take.

When we refer anything to the Local Safeguarding Children Board we will follow it up within 48hours with details of concerns. Ofsted will be notified.


As childcare providers we will

* Assess the risk to children being drawn in to terrorism.

* Protect children and young people from being drawn into terrorism by having robust child protection policies.

* Ensure our safeguarding arrangements take into account the policies and procedures of the local safeguarding children board.

* Make sure we have training that gives us the knowledge and confidence to identify children at risk of being drawn into terrorism and to challenge extremist ideas which can lead to legitimise terrorism.

* We will ensure children are safe from terrorist and extremist material when accessing the internet.

Key commitment - To Promote British values

We are aware of the prevent duty legislation and am aware of how we can promote British values within the setting.


Use of mobile phone or photographic equipment:

The use of such items is not prohibited to record or photograph any child in our care.

Our own camera or mobile will be used in line with parents’ authorisation to record child's progress or capture an event.

All of which will happen in line with Data Protection. A signed authority will be kept on the child's records, part of the main contract. These pictures will be stored on our own computer / mobile phone which only we have access to and is passworded.

If we use social networking sites and have authority from parents to use pictures taken, no personal information of the children will be used. Older children using mobiles will be mindful of our policy and parents are asked to reinforce this.









There may be times that one of us may be alone, this leaves us open to allegations of abuse.

To protect ourselves from this we will:

Document every incident or accident that occurs, we will require a signature from parents/carers.

Note any marks on children when they start their day with us.

Children will be supervised at all times.

Records will be kept up to date on every child.

Everyone in the household that is over 16 will be DBS checked.

All visitors will sign in and out.

No children will be left unsupervised.

Where possible workmen will not be in the house during minded hours,

unless it is for a Health and Safety reason.

Secrets will not be kept.

Appropriate language will be used with and around children.

Be open, honest, and professional with both parents and children.

Good role models.


If the above does not avoid allegations we will:

Contact OFSTED and LADO.

Remain professional at all times.

Write a detailed account of incident, who did what, what was said by whom.

This will include names, dates and times. If there were any witnesses we will ask for


Seek legal advice.

Contact our public liability insurer.

Information will be kept confidential, and only be discussed with people who need to know.


As Ofsted registered Childminders we are very aware that each child has differing needs.

Some children like to be affectionate and show it through hugs, kisses etc. others are not so tactile. We are happy to hug, kiss (head or cheek) hold hands, cuddle, and tickle etc. your child providing both you and your child is happy with this. We would never force a child to do any of the above if it made them feel uncomfortable.

We will restrain a child only if they are at risk of inflicting harm on themselves or others. We will separate children if they are fighting. We will restrain a child if they try and run into the road etc. If we do need to restrain your child we will document it in our incident book and asked you to sign the record. This is to protect all parties.

We will also need to have some physical contact with your child in order to ensure hygiene routines are carried out. For example: the washing of hands, faces and teeth and the wiping of noses.

We are happy to assist with toileting according to the age and stage of ability of the child and to change nappies if required.

If necessary we will change a child’s clothes if they have had an accident.

If you have any concerns or wish to discuss the matter further please do not hesitate to let us know.


Policy Statement:

As Ofsted registered Childminders, we are required by Section 40 of the Childcare Act 2006 and the EYFS Statutory Framework Safeguarding and Welfare requirements to take the necessary steps to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. This includes raising/reporting concerns of unacceptable behaviour that puts a child at risk.









We will take the necessary steps to keep all children (whether in our care or outside of our care) safe and well and act upon any concerns accordingly.

To do this we will:

•Promote a transparent setting and practice

•Encourage employees/volunteers/parents to act quickly and raise any concerns they may have to us about the setting, my Assistant or the care provided, log them, investigate and act upon them accordingly

•Report any unacceptable behaviour by our Assistant, other Childminders and any other professionals working with children to the relevant authorities (this will include Ofsted and may also include the Police, North Yorkshire County Council and any other relevant body) and share with them any relevant information we have

•Notify Ofsted if we become aware of unregistered childminding


Unacceptable behaviour may include (but is not limited to):

•Any form of abuse (physical, verbal or psychological)

•Putting the child at risk

•Acting illegally

•Acting in contravention to the EYFS Statutory Framework


Whistleblowing is different to making a complaint.


All concerns will be treated in confidence and where appropriate, every effort will be made not to reveal the Whistleblower’s identity.

If an Assistant/Volunteer/Parent does not feel that they can discuss any concerns with us they should contact Ofsted on 0300 123 1231.



The care of your child is paramount and we will always try to ensure that they remain with us and are safe.

However sometimes children can become ‘lost’ in busy places and therefore as responsible childminders we have this procedure that will be followed in the unlikely event of this happening.


We will immediately raise the alarm to all around us that we have lost a child and enlist the help of everyone to look for them

If it is a secure area such as a shopping centre, we will quickly alert the security staff so they can seal off exits and monitor the situation on any CCTV

We will provide everyone involved in the search with a description of the child

We will reassure the other children with us, as they may be distressed

We will then alert the police and provide a full description

We will then alert the parents of the situation


We take precautions to avoid situations like this happening by implementing the following measures:

Ensuring the children hold our hand or the pushchair whilst we are out

Avoid going to places that are overcrowded

On outings the children wear high vis tabards with our mobile number on them

We teach the children about the dangers of wandering off and of talking to strangers








We feel it is necessary to have a procedure in place on what to do in the event of a local or national emergency or disaster or a terrorist attack.


The care and security we provide to your child is paramount. As an Ofsted Registered Childminders we will do everything within our powers to protect, comfort and support your child in the event of a major incident, National Emergency or Terrorist Attack.


If we are involved or caught up in the incident we will comply fully with the instructions from the emergency services and constantly reassure the children in our care.


If you are caught up in an incident we will continue to look after your child until you are able to return or a person nominated is able to collect them. This can include overnight care if necessary. It may therefore be good practice to provide us with additional supplies of nappies and spare nightclothes during times of high alert.


We understand that during major incidents the mobile phone networks are often not available and even landlines can be cancelled to free up communication systems for the emergency services. We will however attempt to contact you on a regular basis and ask that you try to do the same. We will keep up to date on the situation using any media source available to us, radio, television, Internet etc. We will endeavour to protect your child from information or images that may alarm or distress them. If you wish we can have a pre-planned excuse that we can use to explain your delay in arriving.


We hope that we never have the need to put this procedure into practice but am happy to discuss with you any aspects of this policy.


These are our procedures for dealing with situations that may occur. The welfare of your child is our priority.


Accidents and Incidents:

To ensure we are fully equipped to deal with accidents, we both hold a valid first aid certificate, this is a requirement by law.

We have a first aid box which is located in the kitchen. We have another in the car and carry a small bag on outings.

They are checked regularly and materials renewed / replaced.

Parent contact details are kept with the first aid box and small bag, along with full emergency details.

Permissions from parents to administer/seek first aid in an emergency are kept on file.

All accidents are to be recorded on an accident sheet.


If there is an accident:

We (one) will comfort and reassure the injured child, whilst the other will ensure that other children in our care are safe.

The injuries will be looked at and first aid administered if needed, if further treatment is required an ambulance will be called.

In the case you will receive a phone call from one of us.

One will accompany your child if hospital is necessary.

For minor cuts and grazes these will be dealt with and noted in the accident book with brief details this will require a parent/carers signature on collection of your child.


If there is an incident:

If an incident occurs and requires medical attention we will inform Ofsted - under section 14.3 Children Act regulation (inform Ofsted about any significant events)

We will inform out insurance company - this may require us to discuss children's information.





In an emergency:

We have an emergency strategy set in place - this is to be followed.


We have regular fire evacuation tests, the children take full part in this.

If evacuation is needed, we will sound the alarm (a whistle)

One of us will start to take the children by the safest route out to our designated area (Across the road grassed area) carrying babies and toddlers.

The other will get our evacuation file, first aid box and make sure everyone is out.

Roll call will be taken.

The children will be reassured and comforted throughout.

Parents will be contacted to collect the children. We will keep them safe until parents can collect.

Instructions from emergency services will be followed and only return to the house when safe to do so.