Dropping Off

Please let us know in advance if you intend to arrive at a different time from the contracted one.

If you arrive unexpectedly early we may not be ready to care for your child.

If you are late, we may have to take children to school/pre-school and will not be able to wait for you.

Please discuss with us if you need to change your contracted hours.


We will only release your child from our care to adults who have permission to collect him/her.

We will therefore need you to provide us with a list of people authorised to collect.

It would be helpful, if they are not known to us, to include a description or a photograph for us to keep on file.

In the event of an emergency, we can operate a password system where you can send someone not authorised to collect your child but who is able to give the password.

Please discuss with us if you would like to use this system.


It is important that you arrive at the contracted time to collect your child. Even very young children learn our routine and know when their parents are due. They can become distressed if you are late.

We know sometimes delays are unavoidable, especially if you are relying on public transport.

If you are delayed, for whatever reason please contact us and let us know when you expect to arrive. We will normally be able to accommodate the additional care, however if we are unable, we will contact other adults from the authorised list and arrange for them to collect your child.

We will reassure your child that you are on the way and if necessary organise additional activities and a meal.


If we have not heard from you and you are very late we will try and make contact with you. We will also attempt to contact the emergency numbers provided. If we are unable to make contact with anyone we will inform Social Services and follow their advice. (In the case of a terrorist attack or National Emergency then this procedure will not be put into practice - see separate policy)

We reserve the right to make an additional charge for late collection.



Research has shown that more accidents/incidents occur when both the Childminder and parents are present.

This is for a variety of reasons:

The child senses that neither adult feels comfortable taking responsibility and tests boundaries further than they would normally. The child may feel that with both adults talking they are being ignored, therefore they misbehave to gain attention.

No one is supervising the child sufficiently and accidents occur.


We feel it is therefore best that we discuss this situation before the matter arises and an accident occurs.

It is important that a decision is reached and the child is helped to understand who is responsible for them and when this responsibility changes to another adult.

If the parent is to take responsibility as soon as they arrive, they will be expected to adhere to our Childminding House Rules whilst in our home.

Alternatively, we are prepared to take responsibility of the child until s/he leaves our premises.

If you have any concerns over this issue please do discuss them with us.




We provide a wide range of toys and activities for all the children in our care, catering for different needs, abilities and ages. Whilst it is not necessary for children to bring additional toys with them to play with we can appreciate that sometimes a child may have a particular comfort toy that they wish to bring or a toy that they have been playing with just before they left home.

We will endeavour to keep all children’s toys and resources safe, however we are sure you appreciate with several children in our care at any one time, it is not always possible to keep an eye on their belongs when we are out and about. Whilst losses are rare we would advise that if a toy is very special or expensive that it remains safely at home as we will not be held responsible for loss or damage to them.

If your child does have a comfort toy that they are very attached to, we would recommend that additional ‘copies’ are purchased as this can prevent great upset if it becomes lost.


As Ofsted registered Childminders both of us are registered to care for 6 children under the age of 8 years, of which no more than 3 can be under the age of 5, and of these no more than 1 can be under the age of 1.

We are permitted to care for children aged 8 years and over, providing the care we provide for them doesn’t impact on the care for the children we are registered to care and providing it falls within the total number of children we are insured for. We are insured through the PACEY scheme to care for a maximum of 11 children.


We are happy to mind children aged 8 years and over and will provide them with age appropriate resources and a quiet area for studying if required, however we do require that they set an excellent role model for the other children in our care, being polite, saying please and thank you etc.

We like the older children to work in partnership with us to write a child/childminder/parent agreement, like those often completed at school: school/parent/child agreements. This will be in addition to the normal childminding contract but will help the child(ren) to be more involved in their care arrangements.

We would never ask an older child to care or look after another minded child.

We are fully responsible for all the children whilst they are in our care.

We are happy to mind older children who are at secondary School and who wish to arrive at our home independently, however we can’t be held responsible for your child’s safety until s/he arrives into our care.

We will need to know in advance details of their anticipated times of arrival, if they are staying at school for a club, sports fixture or detention we will need to be notified. If there are any unexpected changes please let us know or ask your child to let us know by text.

If your child fails to arrive at the anticipated time, we will try to contact them on their mobile phone to confirm their whereabouts. If we are unable to make contact we will contact you for further guidance. If you are unavailable we will contact the school. In the unlikely event that we have been unable to locate your child we will contact the police for further guidance.

These procedures are not meant to alarm you but to reassure you that we are providing the best care possible for your child.

If you are planning for your child to arrive independently to us please let us know so we can ensure that all parties involved are fully aware of these procedures and any alterations made to them. We will require you to sign a copy of this policy to confirm your agreement of it.